Menopause and Nutrition


Menopause is just a time of change.....

Menopause is a time of assessment. That feeling of well being that protected your pregnancy and nesting years has now depleted because your hormone levels have dropped. Now your feelings are unfiltered and you are left with assessing your life. Menopause is not a disease, but a passageway. Use this time to assess what you need and gain control over your changes. 

 For many of us it means hot flashes, night sweats, loss of sleep, weight gain, bloating, mood swings, and lack of libido. For some it can mean depression and anxiety. Whatever is going on in your body is also going on in your mind. The hormonal roller coaster ride may take you on a personal journey to face issues about how you really feel about just about everything that shapes who you are and what you have in your life.

This is the best time to be an educated consumer. The more you know and understand what is going in your body the better able you will be to make the right choices. 

Choose an on-line program targeted to give you tools, support and accountability as you navigate through your menopause.

Menopause and Nutrition offers you a 5 week program to jumpstart your weight loss and mitigate your menopausal symtoms.

Did you know?

At age 40, your hormones deplete, making it easier to add weight. Women gain about 10 lbs at age 40. When you go through menopause, 90% of women gain weight from 10 to 15 lbs. or more. 

Are you at risk?

If in all, you've gained 20 lbs., you are now at risk for breast cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Menopause is a time for action, not submission! 

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