Women's Health Issues


Women are different than menWomen’s health issues range from the obvious biological differences, to the issues that spring from the emotional responses to stress and responsibility.  And they need to be aware that the same care-giving gene that asks them to grin and bear their responsibilities may be causing stress on their hearts.  New research has surfaced to reveal that the traditional view that men and women experience heart warnings needs adjusting. Women have some different sign that you should be aware of.


Every woman knows the experience of a craving. Sometimes it is hormonal driven, but always, it is about your body trying to tell you it needs to address an issue. The cravings can run the gamut of tastes, from sweet to salty, to specific food. We can provide healthy avenues to channel when these signals arise and help you listen to your body in a positive way. The hormonal surge that occurs monthly can turn into a larger problem in menopause when hormones slow to a glacial pace. The experience of hot flashes and mood swings and weight gain can be maddening even for the controlled executive female who is in charge of countless employees.


Our workshops will provide you with cutting edge information that will give you the tools you need to stay informed and protected.





  •  Heart Health: Know the warning signs for women    
  •  Breast Cancer Awareness
  •  Prevent Diabetes
  •  Emotional Eating                   
  •  Harness Your  Metabolism
  •  SuperWoman Syndrome       
  •  Prevent High Blood Pressure                                                                 
  •  Nourish Your Thyroid                          
  •  Menopause: Symptoms & Solutions